What is Varithena?

Varithena is a revolutionary remedy for varicose veins. The FDA granted clearance in November 2013. Since then, it has emerged as one of the maximum popular and a hit treatment for the situation. Varithena substantially reduces the visibility of targeted varicose veins. While it does now not completely remove veins, it drastically diminishes their look and sensation. During a varithena treatment session, a medical doctor injects the microfoam intravenously to obstruct the unwell veins, moving blood float to other, healthier vessels. The Varithena procedure, also referred to as ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy, is often finished via a vein professional underneath ultrasound supervision.

How varithena procedure works?


The Varithena method is a way of remedy that doesn’t encompass the usage of warmth or the formation of tumors. During the operation, a foam-based chemical substance called a sclerosant is implemented to the indoors of the vein a good way to induce clotting. The tiny air bubbles inside the foam provide accurate placement steering through using ultrasound imaging.

The foam induces blood extraction from the veins by irritating them with the sclerosant, resulting in inflammation, desiccation, and eventual closure of the vein. The blood is rerouted into neighboring healthy veins, causing the ugly vein to eventually vanish. Varithena effectively treats almost all times of varicose veins with its foam-based totally transport technique. The distinguishing characteristic of this product is its capacity to effectively treat big, deeply embedded, and intricately tangled varicose veins.

Most varicose vein sufferers should choose Varithena because of its many benefits:


  • No incision needed – Varithena therapy is less invasive than others since it doesn’t need an incision.
  • Good patient tolerance – Patients tolerate varithena better than catheter-based treatments.
  • Short procedure – Most patients can finish varithena procedure in 30 minutes. The outpatient therapy takes around an hour. You may resume your daily routine the day after injection without interruption.
  • Quick recovery – Varithena allows you to come home quickly. Even though you must avoid intense activity for a week, your recovery will be quick.
  • Effectiveness – Varithena foam is readily absorbed and more sophisticated than market foams.
  • Decreased Pain – This therapy reduces leg discomfort, burning, and weight. This is particularly true with superficial thrombophlebitis.
  • No general anesthesia – You remain conscious throughout the surgical procedure with the use of local anesthesia. Patients with varicose veins who are unsuitable for surgery or want to avoid taking time off work for recovery may have relief and comfort, with little discomfort, via the use of injections.


Varithena treatment cost: What to expect


Most sufferers are worried approximately the price of Varithena. Several elements impact these fees, along with the complexity of the procedure and the level of care you choose for. The well known fee range for a varithena procedure is $2,000 to $3000. Engage in a conversation together with your health practitioner on the comprehensive prices related to your clinical remedy. If it’s far decided to be medically vital, insurance may additionally cover the fee.

Varithena procedure: Results and Aftercare


Studies indicate that Varithena treatment might potentially enhance both the symptoms and appearance of varicose veins. Post-surgery, you should expect a decrease in pain and a decreased visibility of your varicose veins.  An immediate improvement in your health is the primary outcome you may expect after this treatment. As the irritation subsides, you may begin to disregard the profound exhaustion associated with varicose veins. The speed at which this treatment produces results is another aspect that may surprise you.

Depending on the person, noticeable variations might be seen over a span of a few hours to a day. Your recovery, however, will surely be faster than what you would enjoy with more conventional strategies, together with rubber band ligation. The effectiveness of these therapies in alleviating signs of venous insufficiency won’t be right now apparent, frequently requiring several days or even weeks for patients to look development.

Carefully adhere to the advice provided by your doctor after the surgical procedure. During the first week, it is advisable to gradually reintroduce yourself to more challenging tasks. However, following that period, you should be well prepared and capable to proceed.

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    What is the duration of the treatment?


    The whole treatment takes 30-60 minutes. Incision-free therapy may be done in an outpatient setting. Patients who have it done are typically able to go home immediately after, without needing a medical device or catheter. In one of those rare cases, you should not feel any pain throughout treatment. To ensure your comfort, your doctor will inject a numbing medication into your vein. This is a relief for the majority of folks dealing with this issue.

    How long does varithena recuperation take?


    To expedite your recovery, your physician may advise including 15 to 20 minutes of walking into your routine before, during, and after your treatment. You might be discharged on the same day. It is advisable to refrain from prolonged sitting and severe physical exertion for a minimum of one week after treatment. Avoid using the hot tub and expose yourself to direct sunlight for a minimum of three days.

    Varithena’s efficacy is limited since it does not address the root cause of vein diseases, resulting in temporary outcomes. Subsequent therapies, with a minimum interval of one week, may be required to address very resistant veins. To assess your progress and response to the treatment, your physician will need regular follow-up appointments.

    Does insurance provide coverage for Varithena?


    Most insurance plans in the United States often provide coverage for a Varithena surgery. Nevertheless, varicose vein procedures such as this one are only eligible for coverage if they are deemed medically essential, as opposed to being just cosmetic in nature.

    Any service offering Varithena will possess the expertise to inform you about the likelihood of your operation being covered. Their personnel should be well-versed in collaborating with an insurance carrier to secure coverage, provided that your surgery meets the necessary criteria. Consult with your insurance provider in detail while planning for the varithena treatment.

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