Arterial Vs Venous Insufficiency
Decoding Arterial Vs Venous Insufficiency: Key Variations

Can you differentiate arterial and venous insufficiency? Both disorders produce decreased blood flow, although for different reasons. Insufficient blood flow via the arteries causes tissue injury and gangrene. However, venous insufficiency causes swelling and ulceration when veins cannot return blood to the heart. This blog article discusses arterial and venous insufficiencies with details. You’ll learn […]

What does a blood clot in the leg look like
What does a blood clot in the leg look like?

A blood clot occurs when a liquid transforms into a gel or semisolid. Clotting is the body’s defensive mechanism against excessive bleeding after an accident or cut. A blood clot, in general, is helpful to your health and presents no danger to you. Blood clots that migrate via veins to the lungs may be lethal. […]